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What makes Varibel the perfect acoustic solution for me?varibel_spec_aid
The Varibel hearing glasses are a scientific acoustic breakthrough.
The digital for-the-ear acoustic solution makes the hearing glasses a unique product within the current hearing aid market.
The latest technology matches sound direction to the direction of your gaze.
This directional sensitivity is easily adjusted using two buttons.
The Varibel hearing glasses boast high sound quality: clear, high-fidelty sounds.

What do the hearing glasses look like?
Innovative acoustic techniques and glass design are combined with Varibel
The hearing glasses are worn just as any other glasses, without the added hindrance of a hearing aid.
The microphones are positioned along the glasses frame, providing a clever, invisible solution.
You will of course be guided by acoustic/optical specialists when making your selection and being fitted with your glasses.

One in three people over the age of 60 suffers from hearing loss. However, only half of those people use hearing aids. This is in part related to the appearance of hearing aids, but more importantly related to the fact that traditional hearing aids amplify sounds coming from all directions and are incapable of distinguishing background noise from speech.

Varibel’s hearing glasses have finally solved this problem by incorporating four tiny microphones inside each of the glasses’ arms. The sound signals from the microphones are passed through a processor that determines what sounds should be amplified to the ear. This allows the glasses to dampen background noise while selectively strengthening sound coming from in front of the user.


Varibel hearing glasses feature:

  • Digital multi-channel technology
  • 4 microphones in both the left and the right arm
  • 4 different listening programs
  • A telecoil to connect to Bluetooth loop systems
  • Rechargeable capability through a patented charger
  • Choice of frames in multiple colours
  • Proven and reliable arm design
  • Invisible ‘Receiver-in-Canal’ option


Model No. of Channels Price – Pair Price – Single Accessories Warranty
Premium 20+ £4790 £2390 None 3 Years

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