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We received these lovely hand written letters from 2 customers recently. Thank you for your kind words. We love receiving letters like this, and it means so much to us that you have taken the time to write them.




We recently received this lovely card from Angie expressing her thanks for the service she received from Malmo Hearing.

Thank_You_0614The card inside reads:

QuotesTo Mr Johnston

Thank you for examining my ears and finding out what was wrong – thank you very much

From Angie. Quote



Thanks for the prompt return of Cyril’s hearing aid, the repair and the spare batteries. You’ve provided us with great service and this has been much appreciated.

— Roger Totman, Email 24/9/14

I was glad to come across your business as my mother was looking for private hearing aids as an upgrade to her NHS model. I would like to say she was put at ease right from the welcome received in the shop and was able to choose from a range of options based on your recommendations, after her discussion of her hearing needs, comprehensive and detailed hearing test, the explanation of the results and the hearing aid demonstration. My mother decided to go for the Starkey wireless Wi 70 receiver in canal style. She even got to choose the colour. In the few weeks since she was fitted with her new aids, I am pleased to say she is delighted with the results ..
My mum looks forward to seeing you and your staff again in the future as she comes back for her ongoing aftercare and service which we were surprised to note was absolutely free. Truly an all round service, without doubt local hearing care for local people. Thank you so much again.

— R.Gosling, Email 27/8/2013

I spent a very pleasant hour in your establishment this morning , and I cannot tell you what a difference it has made to my ability to hear. On the walk up the steps past the old castle, I listened to the birds and realised how much I had been missing now that you have fitted me with my new hearing aids. Thank you very much for your personal and professional help. I would definitely recommend Malmo Hearing to any who need your service.

— E.Atkins, Email 23/5/2013

Malmo Hearing Ltd in my my experience for the last two years have been professional, caring and go that extra mile. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

— T Lunnon, Hearing Aid User

From: Mr. E Smith [mailto:exxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.net]
Sent: 01 September 2012 21:28
To: info@bridgend-hearing.co.uk
Subject: Testimonial
From: Mr. E Smith
Subject: Testimonial
Message Body:
I have needed hearing aids from 1994 under the care of diferent audiologists in England, Spain, and now Wales.
I can honestly say that the professional advice and after care service from Malcom at the Hearing Company is the best i have ever had and to pardon the pun heard of.
With the added benefit of not having to travel far and surgery times to suit.
I will without a doubt truly recommend the practice team at The Hearing Company.
E Smith.

— Mr E Smith, Email

Firstly i am writing to thank you for the excellent service and honesty of you business practice recently received by myself. After perforating my right ear over the Christmas period and struggling with balance problems and very little hearing achieved by my left ear, I had looked up all sorts of services on the web.
Having spoke to three or four companies included yourself I proceeded to have my ears tested for aided help, booking an appointment with yourselves and two other companies for comparison. After the appointment with yourselves and receiving very honest information that my right ear would at this time not benefit by purchasing an aid but my left ear on trial during the test appointment give me a vast improvement and the best i had been able to hear for years. Through the fact that you are a practice open 6 days a week, local to me and as stated previously so honest, I cancelled the other appointments and ordered the Starkey Zon 5 which was best suited to my needs, after which through the unhurried testing, fitting, and revisit to make sure all was going well appointment, the explanation and information I was given, on using, cleaning and changing filters and batteries, also the price of the aid being competitive and after care service I got, and am continually getting from both yourself and your lady wife on the front desk, to make the service received a five star service and well worth thanking you for. I can honestly (and have already) recommend your practice and service to anyone. The difference it has made to my life is vast socially and work wise.

— Mr Lloyd, email

Just a note to thank you very much for your time, professionalism, and advice with regards Harold on Saturday afternoon. Harold had clearly been profoundly hard of hearing which was causing much concern as, evan at the age of 94, helps care for his wife at home who is not at all mobile and becoming visually impaired.
Harold was so much improved after his hearing aids had been adjusted by yourself – it was like switching him back on again. Hopefully they will feel a little more safe and secure in their own home for a little longer now providing he wears his aids again.
Iris and I are glad we came across your office Saturday morning and are grateful to you for your time and expertise.
Good luck with your new venture!

— Gerry & Iris, email

We received this lovely handmade card from Mrs Pope expressing her thanks for the service she received from Malmo Hearing.

The card inside reads:

Quotes….I sat down and made this card!

With my most Grateful Thanks,

Enid Pope. Quote



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