Starkey AMP

Starkey AMP – The hearing aid for people who aren’t ready for a hearing aid.starkey_logo

AMP addresses the three main concerns of customers who are reluctant to consider hearing aids:
Don’t want to be seen wearing a hearing aid?
AMP is invisible, addressing cosmetic concerns.
Concerned about the price?starkey_amp
AMP is more affordable, helping to ease price hesitations.
Have outdated perceptions of how hearing aids sound?
AMP sounds great, featuring advanced digital processing that differentiates it from other invisible instruments.
AMP Features:

  •     Completely digital, four-channel hearing aid
  •     Includes feedback cancellation to extend the fitting range
  •     Uses a size 10 battery
  •     Allows patients to turn AMP on and off as well as adjust volume with a magnetic wand
  •     Simple programming


Patients can walk out the door wearing an AMP in a single visit.

Download Starkey AMP Product Brochure Download Starkey AMP Product Brochure


Model Price – Pair Price – Single Accessories Warranty
Starkey AMP £795 £495 None 1 Year

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