Hearing Aid Top Tips

Here’s some Hearing Aid Top Tips for existing and new users. Click on the + symbol to reveal the top tip.

Common Hearing Aid problems and how you can solve them

My hearing aids aren’t working
Everything sounds muffled
The Hearing Aid keeps whistling

Hearing Aid Batteries

Batteries are integral to making sure your Hearing Aids function correctly, but even they will need some care to make sure they last as long as possible
Disposing of Batteries

Caring For Your Hearing Aids

The following tips will help you to keep your hearing aids in top condition

When Your Hearing Aid is Not in Use

Even if you are only removing your Hearing Aids for a short time, the following advice applies
Here are a few handy hints for getting the best out of your Hearing Aids

If you have any other Hearing Aid problems, or want any more tips as to how to get the best out of your Hearing Aids, why not get in touch.