This is our glossary of Hearing Aid terminology, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

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AutoPhone Program
The Hearing Aid can switch and adjust itself automatically for the use on telecoil program when used with a telephone.

Background Noise Reduction
This feature tries to reduce the ambient background noise to a comfortable level so its not too loud.

Enhanced Background Noise Reduction
This feature will ensure the speech information is maintained whilst the distracting background noise is minimised to a level that will not distract you from a conversation.

Feedback Control
An automatic tool that will seek out any whistling or buzzing and remove it from your Hearing Aid to provide clean sound quality.

Frequency Channels
Areas of frequency that the Hearing Aid can separate incoming sounds into, to try to filter out unwanted sounds such as noise. The more channels there are means the better the ability to separate those out.

Bespoke Music Setting
An optimised Hearing Aid setting to provide you with the rich sound quality when listening to different types of music from your audio system.

Speech Enhancement
The Hearing Aid is programmed to seek out the important speech information and give this the priority so you can understand softly spoken conversation.

Television Mode
This will provide a sound boost to ensure the TV level is clear and rich in sound.
Wireless Connection
Gives you total freedom to listen to any audio device over a distance without having to plug any wires into your Hearing Aid.