We get lots of questions from new and existing Hearing Aid users, here are some of the most popular questions and answers.
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Why do I need a Hearing Aid? People should speak more clearly.
Will wearing a Hearing Aid make my hearing worse?
Do I have to wear my Hearing Aid all day?
Will wearing a Hearing Aid cause me to have ear infections?
Do I have to wear two Hearing Aids?
Will Hearing Aids restore my hearing?
Why does background noise sound so loud when you wear a Hearing Aid?
Do I need to take my Hearing Aid out when I answer the telephone?
Do Hearing Aids need batteries to work?
What payment options do you offer when purchasing hearing aids?
Why are hearing aids that look the same different in price?
Do you offer demonstrations?


Will my hearing aids need to be serviced?
Do you provide regular check-ups?

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