Custom Ear Moulds for RIC Hearing Aids

This is a custom-made ear mould that is attached to the Receiver In Canal (RIC) style Hearing Aids. Designed for clients who want the smaller, lighter, more discrete style of the RIC Hearing Aid but for those who have a more severe to profound hearing loss that means the standard stock receiver would be unsuitable (not powerful enough, feedback issues etc). The use of a custom ear mould enables the RIC style of Hearing Aid to be fitted for any degree of hearing loss.
The ear mould connects a Hearing Aid to the ear and is individually shaped for each wearer. This is important because it fulfills multiple functions for acoustics and better hearing. One of the most important tasks of the ear mould is to conduct the amplified sound to the eardrum. It improves the positioning and hold of the Hearing Aid and also seals the auditory canal, which acts as a block to prevent acoustic feedback — the annoying, high-pitched whistling associated with some Hearing Aids.

Price: £108.00 each

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