Assistive Devices

We have a range of phones available to purchase at Malmo Hearing. They offer features such as bigger buttons for those who have dexterity problems or are visually impaired, a flashing light as a visual ringer indicator, a receiving tone and volume control and much more.

We have cordless phones and corded phones. If there is something specific you would like which we don’t have in stock, we would be happy to order this for you.
Prices vary depending on model – please see in store for more details.

As well as home telephones, we also offer Doro Mobile Phones

If you’re worried about receiving nuisance calls on your landline, we also offer the CPR Call Blocker

The premium level CPR Call Blocker V5000 puts you back in control of your privacy with the latest in Call Blocking technology.

Ranging from the annoying to the dangerous, unwanted calls hound millions of people every day. We all want our phones to be instruments for communication not frustration.

The CPR Call Blocker features:

  • 1500 Number Blocking capacity
  • 5000 Nuisance numbers pre-programmed
  • Block all scam & nuisance calls at the touch of a button
  • Blocks PPI, Accident Insurance type calls
  • Blocks calls from WITHHELD or INTERNATIONAL calls
  • Blocks calls from UNAVAILABLE & OUT OF AREA
  • Blocks calls from fake spoof Numbers including 00
  • 3″ Caller display screen and large tactile keys
  • Installs in seconds and works with your existing home phone
  • Reduces stress and anxiety

To find out more about the Call Blocker click here


The Doro Mobile Phone is an easy to use mobile for seniors. Doro are designed to be simple to use – Here’s 4 reasons to choose Doro:
Simple to use: with the large keypad and separated keys, the wimple menus, one touch memories and SMS and camera keys – it couldn’t be simpler.
Great Sound: are designed for those who are hard of hearing – they are Hearing Aid Compatible, have a speakerphone option and the ability to adjust the frequency and sound boost.
Clear Displays: Large and clear displays with adjustable text size and option to change the contrast & theme
Peace of mind: Dedicated assistance button and remote management technologies

The range of ‘Hearing Aid compatible’ equipment available is extensive and includes:

  • head sets for hands-free mobile phone use
  • mobile phones
  • ‘standard’ corded and cordless home telephones
  • Bluetooth induction loops
  • phone call alarm/notifiers
  • telephone systems for business

Please pop in or contact us for further details.
Note: All Hearing Aids listed on our Hearing Aid Ranges page feature an Automatic Phone setting in the Hearing Aid that can be used with a Hearing Aid compatible telephone. You can find full details of models and styles available here.


WATCHU is a wearable phone and locator that combines an emergency assist function, voice calling and minute-by-minute location tracking into one simple watch.

With WATCHU, children can lead an active childhood while parents can enjoy the security of knowing that they’re safe.


Key Features

Emergency Call to Action: In the event of an emergency, the child can hold down the SOS button. It will begin calling pre-set contacts and update the GPS location.
Smart Location: Uses GPS, LBS, GPRS & Wifi Connection for precise accuracy
Phone Call: Parents/Grandparents can call their child from the app. Children can call up to 16 contacts from the watch.
Set Geo Zones: Geo-Zones are a virtual radius around a location, like home or school. Receive alerts every time the child enters or leaves a Geo-Zone.

Police and Trading Standards Approved


WATCHU Guardian £119.99
For the Elderly and vulnerable adults.

Like the WATCHU for children, the WATCHU Guardian was designed to protect the vulnerable and the elderly as much as possible yet giving them the freedom to live independently.
The WATCHU Guardian provides you with accurate minute-by-minute location tracking.

Key Features

Precise Location Tracking: Receive GPS updates every minute and view route play backs to see exactly where they’ve been.
Two-Way Phone Calls: The two-way call feature allows the wearer to stay connected at the touch of a button.
Long Lasting Battery Life: Up to 140 hours of battery life on a single charge.
SOS: WATCHU wearers can hold down the SOS button in case of an emergency and the watch will alert the Administrator through phone calls and notifications.
Connectivity: iOS 7.0+, Android OS 4.3+, WiFi, GPS, GSM & LBS, GSM/GPRS 850+1900+900+1800MHz
Smart Location: Uses GPS, LBS, GPRS & Wifi Connection for precise accuracy.

To find out more about WATCHU Kids and WATCHU Guardian, click here