Hearing Aid Aftercare Programme

Malmo Hearing Limited provides a lifetime aftercare programme to each client. Our aftercare programme is tailor-made to you and your hearing care needs. Please see our products and price list for details.

We believe that our aftercare programme is comforting, necessary and a valuable part of our service.

Our hearing aid aftercare programme includes:

  • Initial Hearing Assesment
  • Unlimited Fine-Tuning Sessions
  • Service & Check-up Appointments
  • Annual Re-Assesments
  • Bi-Annual Re-Programming
  • Ear Mould Re-Tubing
  • Wax Management Programme
  • Electronic Diagnostic Performance Testing of All Hearing Aids
  • Hearing Aid Cleaning Service
  • Interim Service Appointments

Once you have been fitted with your new digital Hearing Aids, after around 2 weeks you will meet again with your Audiologist to ensure you are comfortable and happy with the performance and programming of them. Thereafter, additional appointments will be scheduled with you to fine tune and adjust your Hearing Aids further (as required) and to ensure that you feel confident using and wearing your Hearing Aids.

You are welcome to schedule an appointment anytime to discuss any issues or changes to you hearing. Additionally, we will send you a letter each year inviting you to book your annual check-up appointment at a time that is suitable for you. We feel this is an essential appointment and we encourage our customers to attend as we carry out necessary hearing assessments and make any adjustments to your hearing aid that might be required.